Spring Course Updates and Book Availability

spring 2020:

  • SG 635 Reading Fiction: Testing Birkerts’ The Gutenberg Elegies - This study group has been CANCELLED.


The following Spring 2020 books are available as pay-to-order only at Politics and Prose:

  • SG 850: Narada's Children

The following Spring 2020 books are not available at Politics and Prose:

  • SG 373: How to Get Rich Surely, But Slowly
  • SG 475: Weekly Morbidity Reports
  • SG 728: Eyes on the Prize: America's Civil Rights Years

  • SG 646: New Selected Poems of Galway Kinnell

  • SG 631: Her Portmanteau

  • SG 631: The Subject Was Roses

  • SG 631: Another Part of the Forest

  • SG 620: Racconti Romani

  • SG 620: Undici Novelle

The books above that are unavailable at Politics and Prose can be ordered online. Here are some suggestions for purchasing books online: AbeBooks.comAddAll.comAlibris.comAmazon.com