Fall 2019 Lecture Series


Lectures are held in the Spring Valley Building, 4801 Massachusetts Ave. NW, in Room A off the lobby on the first floor.

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All fall lectures are on Fridays from 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM.

September 27—James Goodby
Nuclear Arms Control: Is It Finished? Does It Matter? What Can We Do? 

James Goodby has served in the US Foreign Service as a policy adviser, achieving the rank of Career Minister, and was appointed to five ambassadorial-rank positions by Presidents Carter, Reagan, and Clinton, including ambassador to Finland. He taught at Georgetown, Syracuse, and Carnegie Mellon Universities. Ambassador Goodby is the author and editor of several books, including most recently, Approaching the Nuclear Tipping Point: Cooperative Security in an Era of Global Change.

REGISTER: https://www.olli-dc.org/events/2019Sept27Lecture983426587

October 4—Stephanie Stebich

The Smithsonian American Art Museum: Reflecting the American Experience and Global Connections

Stephanie Stebich is responsible for the nation’s premier collection of American art and major exhibition, research, publication, education and digital-media programs at the Smithsonian American Art Museum and its Renwick Gallery. She was named director of the Smithsonian Museum in January 2017 and serves on the Smithsonian’s Capital Board as well as the Smithsonian-London Strategic Advisory Board. In May 2018, she was named co-chair of the Smithsonian’s American Women’s History initiative.

REGISTER: https://www.olli-dc.org/events/2019Oct4Lecture243439857

October 11—Ron Naveen

Penguins, Antarctica, Climate Change... and You!

Ron Naveen has been working in Antarctica for more than 30 years and counting penguins for Oceanites and the Antarctic Site Inventory project for 25 of those years. Ron founded Oceanites, a US-based, nonprofit science and educational organization, in 1987 and began the Antarctic Site Inventory project in 1994. He is the lead author and photographer of various publications, and was the subject of the award-winning docu-mentary “The Penguin Counters.”

REGISTER: https://www.olli-dc.org/events/2019Oct11Lecture469240850

October 18—Gayle Jessup White

Monticello Is Also My Legacy

Gayle Jessup White became Monticello’s first Community Engagement Officer in 2016. She is not only a direct Jefferson descendant, but also is related to two well-documented families enslaved at Monticello–the Hemingses and the Hubbards. A former award-winning TV reporter and anchor, Jessup White started her career at the New York Times. She’s written and spoken extensively about her work at Monticello and her fami-ly’s ties to Jefferson, his extended family, and the enslaved community.

REGISTER: https://www.olli-dc.org/events/2019Oct18Lecture2374682634

November 1—Scott Clarkson

Rembrandt: The Bankrupt Artist: His Life and Bankruptcy Proceedings of 1656

Scott Clarkson has served as a United States Bankruptcy Judge for the Central District of California since January, 2011. In addition, he is a prominent internation-al lecturer on one of the first bankruptcies in western history. His presentation will combine art and insolvency law to reveal insights into Dutch artist Rembrandt’s life (1606-69): his Amsterdam workshop, loves, real estate and art investing, fraudulent transfers, secret corporations and asset auctions.

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November 8—Marlene Trestman

The Life and Times of Bessie Margolin, New Dealer and Champion of the Fair Labor Standards Act

Marlene Trestman is a former special assistant to Maryland’s attorney general and a former law instructor at Loyola University of Maryland’s Sellinger Scohool of Busi-ness and Management. She is the biographer of Bessie Margolin, a U.S. Depart-ment of Labor attorney who argued 27 cases on workers’ rights before the U.S. Supreme Court, winning 25.

REGISTER: https://www.olli-dc.org/events/2019Nov8Lecture59395398

November 15—Radha Muthian

The Capital Area Food Bank--Providing Food and More

Radha Muthiah currently serves as the CEO of the Capital Area Food Bank. Under her leadership, the food bank is developing programs and services that “bundle” food with education, skill development, financial literacy training, housing, health and more in order to change the lives of those the food bank serves. As CEO, Muthiah leads a team that distributes over 30 million meals of healthy food, directly and through a network of 450 partners, to more than 400,000 food insecure people in Washington each year.

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November 22—Kim Williams

Lost Farms and Estates of Washington, DC

Kim Williams is an architectural historian with over 25 years of experience re-searching historic buildings and places in the DC area. She currently serves as the National Register Coordinator for the DC Historic Preservation Office where she identifies and evaluates properties for listing in the DC Inventory of Historic Sites and the National Register of Historic Places. In the process, Kim has conducted large scale cultural re-sources surveys and has discovered more than 70 buildings, objects and remnants of buildings still standing from the city’s rural beginnings. In 2018, Kim published a book on the city’s rural heritage, Lost Farms and Estates of Washington, DC, the topic of today’s talk, and is currently working on another publication on the city’s historic alleyways and alley buildings.

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December 6—William Kristol

Trump, the Republicans, and the Republic

William Kristol is a founding director of Defending Democracy Together, an educational and advocacy organization dedicated to defending America’s liberal democratic norms, principles, and institutions. Kristol has long been recognized as a leading participant in and analyst of American politics and has helped shape the national debate on issues ranging from American foreign policy to the meaning of American conservatism. He is the former chief of staff to Vice President Dan Quayle, editor at large of the late Weekly Standard, and frequent television commentator.

OLLI does not endorse any of the viewpoints expressed by the speakers in its series.

We thank the Lecture Committee and all those who suggested and contacted speakers: Paul Brown,
Martha Cutts, Lesley Diaz (Staff Liaison), Chuck Edson, Judith Havemann, Lynne Heneson, Jeanne Kent,
Mary Fran Miklitsch (Staff), Mark Nadel (Chair), Stan Newman, Diane Renfroe, Richard Ringell,
Steve Sherman, Delbert Spurlock, and Ray Squitieri.