How To Register at OLLI at AU

We highly recommend that members get their registrations into our office BEFORE Lottery Day.

Class sizes are determined by Study Group Leaders’ requests and available space. If a study group is oversubscribed on Lottery Day, the registrations in that class are subjected to a random computer lottery process. Members who are not selected for said study group are put on a waiting list and will be called by the office if space becomes available. Registration confirmation notices and your nametag will be emailed to you within two days of the Lottery. We will continue to accept registrations on a space-available basis until the semester begins. OLLI reserves the right to cancel any study group. Members registered in a study group that is cancelled will be notified immediately so that they may select an available alternate.

  1. Identify the number of study groups you are interested in taking.
    (You must select 1, 2, or 3 study groups.

  2. Prioritize up to 6 study groups based on your preference for taking the study groups.
    (1 = highest priority and 6 = lowest priority).

    Note: Prioritize your study groups by whichever method works best for you: subject matter, time/day, location, or Study Group Leader. Even if you have marked that you only want to take one study group, you may still prioritize up to six study groups. When the system processes your registration, it will assign you to your highest level priority study group(s) that are available.

    Note: All members have an equal chance at getting into a class.

  3.  Prior to submitting your registration, please ensure that you have completed all items with an asterisk (*). These are required items.

  4. Submit your registration.

  5. You will receive email confirmation of your PENDING registration.

  6. After Lottery Day, you will receive email confirmation of your ASSIGNED schedule with your name tag. Please print both.

    You can change your schedule after registration day by going online or calling the office.

    Please email or call the office to register for a fourth course AFTER the second week of classes. Classes can only be added through the third week of classes, whether it's a first class or a fourth class.

    Do not assume there is space available if you see an empty seat. The number of participants for each study group is determined by the study group leader, by available space, and by the office.

    Our study group leaders spend a prodigious amount of time preparing their classes. Please attend the classes for which you are registered and ONLY the classes for which you are registered.