Fall 2018 Catalog and Course Updates

the following are changes to the print catalog:

  • 348 (Development Economics and Practice for Non-Economists): This study group's time slot on Thursdays has been changed. It will now be on Thursdays at 1:45 PM.

  • 375 (The Worldly Philosophers): This study group has been CANCELLED as of 9/10/18

  • 577 (Say It With Musicals): Guest speaker - Dan Sherman;  Dramatic reader - Sharon Newman

  • 581 (Great Films/Great Directors): This study group is 10 weeks long

  • 656 (War and Peace):  Required text:  Tolstoy, Leo (author) with translation by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky. War and Peace,  2008. ISBN 13: 978-1400079988

  • 657 (Dombey and Son by Charles Dickens):  This study group has been CANCELLED as of 7/30/18

  • 677 (Traveling the Literary South): This study group is 8 weeks long

  • 686 (Finding Your Voice as a Writer):  This study group has been CANCELLED as of 9/6/18

  • 688 (Shakespeare in Performance: Tackling Taming of the Shrew): This study group has been CANCELLED as of 8/3/18

  • 765 (Germany 1860-1950: Bismarck to Hitler to Adenhauer): This study group has been CANCELLED as of 8/6/18

  • 786 (The War "to End War" and So-called "Peace"): Reading expectations: 1-3 hours per week "by choice" / Suggested text: MacMillan, Margaret. Paris 1919: Six Months That Changed the World. ISBN 13: 978-0375760525

  • 795 (Imperial Russia):  Reading expectations: 1-2 hours per week

  • 872 (Death, Dying, and Life): This study group has been CANCELLED as of 9/4/18

  • Page 2 of print catalog - "Books" section: BookCloseouts.com is now BookOutlet.com. Half.com no longer exists - instead, visit Ebay.com

THE FOLLOWING fall semester books are unavailable at politics and Prose:

  • 120 (The Multi-dimensional Mark Twain): Mark Twain's Tale of Today: Halley's Comet Returns

  • 373 (How to Get Rich Surely but Slowly): How to Get Rich, Surely But Slowly

  • 631 (Understanding Families Through Plays): Over the Tavern

  • 792 (FDR and His Envoys and Churchill): Rendezvous with Destiny

  • 795 (Imperial Russia): Russia and the Soviet Union: A Historical Introduction from the Kievan State to the Present

  • 685 (Simon Says...): Fools from the Neil Simon plays

Books can also be ordered online or purchased at other book stores. Here are some online suggestions for purchasing the above books: 

AbeBooks.comAddAll.comAlibris.comAmazon.comBookOutlet.comBookFinder.com, eBay.com, and Powells.com.