OLLI at AU Recording Policy

Before the semester, via email, Study Group Leaders are offered the opportunity to opt out of class recordings. During the semester, recording of a class can be halted at any time by the SGL by contacting the OLLI Office. Class recordings are only available to members registered for the current academic session (short, mini, or semester). Recordings remain available for viewing for the length of the session plus an additional one or two weeks. They are intended for those who may miss a class session and as a bonus for others who want to view a class for which they are waitlisted. No participant names are recorded. Recordings are linked to pages on the OLLI website (under the “Study Group” menu) each afternoon after classes end for the day. Recordings may only be viewed. They cannot be downloaded. No recordings will be used for any other future purpose without express discussion with and permission from SGLs.

OLLI at AU is working to establish a digital recordings library.  The library would include selected recordings that have been compiled and edited, for example, to delete technical glitches or other unwanted material.  Any recordings selected to be added to the library will be done only with the SGL’s permission.  To be able to prevent any inappropriate use of the recordings, OLLI presently intends to include a copyright notice.  OLLI would be claiming copyright on the editing and production of the recordings.  Although a notice is not necessary to claim a copyright, SGLs are also entitled to include a copyright notice on the creative material that they have created.  To enforce a copyright claim, it is necessary to register the copyright with the Library of Congress.  OLLI does not intend to do that except in the highly unlikely event that it becomes necessary to prevent an improper use.  In that event, OLLI would also notify the relevant SGLs who, if they so choose, could also register their copyright claims.

All Zoom invitations will include the Recording and Privacy notice below for recorded sessions:
"This class is being recorded.  We strongly encourage class participation, but if you do not wish to be recorded, you may turn off your video and refrain from speaking or using the chat function."