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910: The Russo-Ukrainian War: Some Preliminary Observations

July 12 and 13
9:45 AM - 11:15 AM

The 2022 Russo-Ukrainian war is a world historic moment that will likely upend the pre-war geo-strategic and geo-economic order. Further, the outcome of this first two-sided high technology war of the 21st century will have a profound effect on US defense planning and programs. Peter Wilson will provide a preliminary strategic and military analysis of these momentous events during a two-session OLLI Short. This study group has a high class size capacity.

Class Type: Lecture and Discussion

Class Format: Online

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Peter Wilson

Peter A. Wilson is an adjunct senior national security analyst at the RAND Corporation. He had a decade-long teaching experience at the Security Studies Program at Georgetown University and at the Eisenhower School, the National Defense University.