Spring 2017 Catalog Updates

Reading Requirement/Book Changes

(Please do not purchase books until you receive confirmation that you're registered for classes.)

118: Critical Issues in American Policing -- CLASS CANCELLED

186: Women in Elective Office in America -- CLASS CANCELLED

269:  Dogs and Human Society -- CLASS CANCELLED

338:  Macroeconomic Memos to the President: Memos to the President requires ordering and prepayment and is not discountable at Politics & Prose.

475: The Stories Behind the Vaccines -- CLASS CANCELLED

615:  Wie ist Ihr Deutsch? Wollen Sie es auffrischen? -- CLASS CANCELLED

618:  Basic Spanish II:   5-Minute Spanish  is OUT OF PRINT and may be available online.

681:  Eugene O'Neill and Tennessee Williams:  Ah, Wilderness requires ordering and prepayment and is not discountable at Politics & Prose.

737:  The History of American Workers: 
The State and Labor in Modern America is available, but with no discount at Politics & Prose.

744:  How the Arab/Israeli Conflict Happened (1881-1949): 
Add book:  Righteous Victims, A History of the Zionist-Arab Conflict, 1881-1999 (Benny Morris).  1999: Knopf.  ISBN: 978-067942120713.

791:  Ancient Rome:  History and Relevance Today:  CLASS CANCELLED

792:  History of US Immigration Policy:  A Nation By Design is available, but no discount at Politics & Prose.

795:  The Rise and Fall of the Ottoman Empire:  CLASS CANCELLED.

830:  Roots of the New Atheism:   BOTH books are available, but require ordering and prepayment and are not discountable at Politics & Prose.

865:  David Hume on the Principles of Morals:  Book change:  The correct version of the book An Enquiry Concerning the Principles of Morals  is the Hackett Classics version.  ISBN:  978-0915145454.