Spring 2021 Handouts

If there are handouts available for a study group, they are linked below. If there are none listed and no note, then we currently have none. This page will be available for the duration of the spring semester.

 # Title SGL(s)
104 The Knowledge Gap: The Hidden Cause of America’s Broken Education System—And How to Fix It
N Wexler
113 The Decline of the American Republic
S Elkin
142 Intelligence and the US Intelligence Community
M Roth
156 AU School of International Service—Foreign Policy Challenges for the Year Ahead
V Deroze, Coordinator
171 Current Events and Public Policy I
J Porter, L Nevins, R Ringell, L King, A Levine
172 Current Events and Public Policy II
A Levine, L Nevins, J Porter, L King
180Today's Supreme Court: A Course for Citizens
P Hansen
199 How Literature and Drama Can Illuminate Politics and Government
J Verdier
202 Shift Your Story, Change Your Life
J Reo
210 Re-examining Our Reality
S Hecht
220Exploring David Brooks: Social Philosopher to Cultural Critic
C Weichel
232Workshop: Finding Your Family History
S Goodman
240Hearing MattersJ Alden
242MarketingM Batra
250TED TalksC Mindel, L Lewis
251Recent TED Talks
D Swan, C Mindel
252Exploring our Cultural Complexities
C Weichel, K Weichel
260The Impact of the Great War on Western Culture and the Western Worldview
C O'Connor
345Invasive Networks—Nowhere to Hide
L Cohen
350Protecting and Maximizing Your Retirement IncomeD Hurwitz
361Behavioral Economics
W Daney
403Drinking Water from A to Z. What you should know. Is it safe?
J Cotruvo
426The Human BodyM Shaw
437Climate and Environment
A Cheh
445Adults Conquering Technology III (ACT III)
G Cahn, L Friedman
471Old and New MathJ Read
475The Stories Behind the Vaccines
P Brunell
479Introductory Oceanography
K Hinga
480The Ups and Downs of Weather
P Brown
500Jazz 101M Stevens
502Intermediate/Advanced Folk Guitar
A Siebens
505A Survey of Great French Composers
D Flaxman
510Iconic Albums—1960 to 2000
L Gondelman
511Looking at ArchitectureJ Vorhes
550Milan: City of ArtE Keel
560Doing Art with CollageR Mosner
565Collage The Ballet Continuum
I Bush
570Taking Artful PhotographsW Swan
572Medieval Manuscripts and the History of ScriptC Ruff
588Travels with XuanzangD Hobbs
598Film: Politics, History, and Morality IIL King
605la BD (bande dessinee) pour les enfants ou pour les adultes?C Sandifer
615Deutsch fuer Fortgeschrittene
H Caraher
616Hablemos en Español-Curso Intermedio/Avanzado
M Keller
618La Vuelta al Mundo con Cuentos Cortos
M Grigera
620Italian—Conversation and Culture
A Mongini
621Enjoying The New Yorker Together
D Spurlock
625The Last TrialI Lebow
626Contemplating George OrwellR Palmer
630Reading Thoreau's Walden in the Time of Covid-19L Freeman
631Understanding Families Through PlaysK Lewis
632Understanding Families Through PlaysK Lewis
633Two Generations of Contemporary PoetsD Coyle
640African American Poetry; 250 Years of Struggle and SongG Hendershot
645What Shall we Do About the ChildrenM Poole
646Poetry Craftshop: How Can Black People Write About Flowers at a Time Like ThisJ Pierson
651Writing Workshop: Writing Down the Bones
E Ward
653Plagues We Have Known
S Urofsky
672The Remarkable Novels of John Williams
H Rawlings
681Adventures in the Essay
S Willens
685August Wilson American Century Cycle
R Maxwell
69020th-Century Women's Political Novels
E Moody
695Italian Jewish Writing
J Plotz
701The Myth and Reality of the Wild West
J Vorhes
702The Rich History of the Mediterranean
J Snyder, N Glakas
723The Evolution of Civilization in Meso-America in the Pre-Columbian Era (30,000 BC to 1517 AD)L Heilman
728Reflections on the Civil Rights MovementR Buglass
740History of Slavery in America: Jamestown to the Civil WarK Stewart
747Infectious Disease and Epidemics in HistoryJ Parascandola
750An Examination of Three Major Families: The Adams Family, the Rockefeller Family, and the Robert Lowell FamilyA Leibowitz
768From Rifled Muskets to Killer Robots
P Wilson
787Makers of the Mexican Revolution: Causes and Consequences
X Wilkinson
790Off the Beaten Path in the DC Area
R Buglass
797The United States and World War I
F Grigsby
798Ulysses S. Grant: In Peace and War
A Kilborne
801Islam: Essentials, History, Spirituality
I Anli
805Introduction to Tai Chi and Chi Kung
J Reo
831Mastering Skills of Mindfulness Meditation
J Drobis
834Mastering Skills of Mindfulness Meditation: Intermediate Level
J Drobis
838To Hell and Back: A Guide to the Underworld in Myth and Poetry
R Croog
840Can Morality and War Coexist?
R Croog
860Continental Rationalism
D Ross
861British Empiricism
D Ross