Study Group Details

685: August Wilson's Century Cycle

11:45 - 1:15
Starting March 05

This study group will read and discuss one August Wilson play each week for ten weeks, completing the Century Cycle of ten plays.  Each group member will be required to read the week's assigned play at home, select a passage they find significant, then be prepared to read the passage and discuss why it is significant to them.  After class, each student may post to a blog a few paragraphs about the play.  The goal of the study group will not be to exhaustively discuss each play.  Instead, each member (including the study group leader) will select a brief passage to present to the class, followed by a brief, collaborative close read and discussion by the group.

This study group is not a repeat
Class Format: Reading and Discussion
Hours of Reading: 2-3 hrs/week

Study Group Leader(s):

Raymond Maxwell

Raymond Maxwell is a retired foreign service officer and, post-retirement, a librarian, and archivist. He has an undergraduate degree from Florida A&M University and graduate degrees from University of London and Catholic University. He is a published poet, but mostly writes to read for friends and to post online.

Reading List

August Wilson: Completing the Twentieth-Century Cycle (Alan Nadel)
2010: University of Iowa Press
ISBN: ISBN-13: 978-1-58729-875-2 (pbk.) ISBN-10: 1-58729-875-9 (pbk.)