Lecture Recordings

On this page you will find recordings from the most recent Lecture Series. To view previous Lectures, click one of the following sessions:

2024 Spring Lectures

April 19
Judge David Tatel, Vision

2024 January Lectures

January 8
Craig Gilbert, A Look at America's Ultimate Swing-state: The Presidential Battleground of Wisconsin

January 11
Dee Davis, Rural America and the 2024 Election

January 16 
Keith Wiley, Demographic Change, Economic Distress, and Uncertain Times: A Closer Look at the Data

January 19
Maureen Corrigan, Banned in the USA

2023 Fall Lectures

November 17
Judge Thomas Hogan, The January 6 Cases: A Trial Judge’s Perspective

2023 may LECTURES

May 10
Stephen Hadley, A Dialogue with Stephen Hadley on U.S Foreign Policy from Bush to Biden

May 16
Carolyn Clancy,  The Impact of the Pandemic on Health Care — Back to the Future or New Direction?

May 18
Gerald Torres, Critical Race Theory: What It Is and Isn't 

May 23
Loretta Neumann, Son of a Slave: A Black Man's Journey in White America

2023 Spring Lectures

March 31
Richard Walker, The Living New Deal

March 17
Ralph Begleiter, Adventures of a Global Journalist

2023 January Lectures

January 10
Chuck Rosenberg, Thinking about Law, Prosecutors and Politics

January 12
Abby Weiss, Facing Unpleasant Truths in History, and How to Teach Them

January 19
Sarah Cameron, The Aral Sea: Environment, Society, and State Power in Central Asia