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      Recruits and coordinates volunteers for all active OLLI committees. Participates in preparing OLLI materials for mailing, including folding, stuffing, sealing, stamping, and labeling invitation packages and fundraising appeals.

      The Development Committee is responsible for CAMPAIGN 2020. We are actively seeking OLLI members who have interest and experience in various fundraising activities that are essential for a successful fundraising strategy, including solicitation, grant writing, and campaign development.

      Recommends policies and activities to the Board that grow and maintain OLLI's membership base and diversity. Conducts media and outreach initiatives to expand awareness of OLLI at AU in the local community and greater Washington area.

      Plan and implement social events so that members of the OLLI community feel welcome, get to know each other, and become enthusiastic members of its learning community. Organize social events, including coffee breaks before and after classes, open houses with tours of OLLI spaces, holiday parties, and fundraising events. We seek volunteers who are cheerful, friendly, and interested in strengthening the OLLI experience.

      Serves as a liaison between the Study Group Leader and the office. Makes announcements of OLLI news, weekly lectures, and upcoming events. Monitors attendance. Distribute photocopies. Reminds members to check their email regularly. Informs the office of problems with the classroom, including heating, lighting, and sound. Collects ideas of new study groups and potential Study Group Leaders.


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