Give a gift to your SGLs

All of OLLI's Study Group Leaders are volunteers. Each academic session, we invite you to give them a gift in honor of all of the work they do to prepare and deliver their courses. This is completely voluntary on our members' behalf.

In the form below, each of your classes will appear with space to indicate how much you would like to give to your Study Group Leader(s) as well as space to write comments. Please note that any gifts given are per study group and will be split up equally among the SGLs for that study group if there are more than one. The form will automatically calculate the total and will manage all of your SGL gifts in one transaction.

Please note that SGL Gifts are different from donations to OLLI. You can donate to OLLI here

The last day to give SGL gifts for the spring semester is Friday, May 17.

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There are no semesters or offerings available for gifts.