Fall 2022

The fall semester is September 19-December 2. Courses meet once a week for 7-10 weeks. The semester membership fee is $300. However, each fall, members have the option to receive a discount and pay $550 for both the fall and spring semester. The membership fee allows you to register for three study groups before the lottery and then add a fourth after you receive your registration confirmation letter.

The fall lottery will be held on Tuesday, September 6. Assignment letters will be mailed September 7. If you request a refund by the close of business, Friday, September 30, your payment will be refunded minus a $10 administrative fee. Requests for refunds must be made in writing (email is fine) and must be submitted to the OLLI office by close of business, Friday, September 30.
OLLI is continuing to offer classes in three formats: In-Person OnlyOnline Only, and Hybrid. When registering for a hybrid class, you must select whether you want to attend in-person (Hybrid In-Person) or by Zoom (Hybrid Zoom). List both formats if the class is a priority and you’re willing to attend either format. You can prioritize up to 12 classes for the lottery. As always, the lottery will then assign you to up to three classes.

We are excited to once again have a Study Group Rep (SGR) assigned to each class in the fall, no matter the format (in-person, online, or hybrid). As you register for the fall semester, please consider volunteering to serve as SGR for one (or more!) of your study groups. SGRs play an important role in helping to ensure each study group runs smoothly.
Duties vary slightly depending on the study group’s format, but generally include:

  • Making announcements of OLLI news, weekly lectures, and upcoming events;
  • Taking attendance (in-person classes) by making sure members place a check by their name on attendance sheet;
  • Collecting money from class members (as applicable) for any copied materials fee;
  • Informing the office of problems in the classroom, including heating/AC, lighting, and sound; and
  • Reminding class members of the feedback form and online SGL gifts at the end of the session
If you’re interested in serving as SGR for one or more of your fall study groups, please select "SGR" in the pop-up menu of volunteer roles after selecting your classes.

Register BEFORE Lottery Day, Tuesday, September 6.

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