Serendipity Talk: Uncovering New Possibilities: Insights From Our Time

Author, thought leader, and OLLI Study Group Leader, Kimberly Weichel, along with Carl Weichel, will share highlights from her new book, Uncovering New Possibilities: Insights From Our Time, which explores how this pandemic era is affecting us personally and collectively, and what new possibilities might emerge. The ten chapters explore: why women's leadership has been so effective and why its important now; wisdom from Eastern healing and spiritual traditions; how our emotions subconsciously shape our behavior and life decisions; charting our second half of life with renewed vigor and grace; living a more resilient, peaceful life even during a crisis; how we transform gender norms and educate men and boys; and tuning our moral compass to live a more enriching life. She and her husband Carl, who co-authored four chapters, will highlight together several key themes covered in their OLLI courses.

No registration is required. The Zoom link will be e-mailed to all those subscribed to the OLLI newsletter the morning of the talk. If you do not receive the newsletter and would like to attend, please e-mail that morning.