Fall Lecture: David Patterson, The Pinchots: A Family Saga

David Patterson, The Pinchots: A Family Saga
December 1
1:30-2:30 PM 
In-Person at OLLI

Derived from compelling stories in his recent book, The Pinchots: A Family Saga, David focuses particularly on several Pinchots who lived and worked in Washington, DC. Featured are Gifford Pinchot’s friendship and collaboration on conservation initiatives with Presidents Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt, and the Pinchot women – Gifford’s mother Mary Pinchot, a grande dame in the nation’s capital, his activist, ambitious wife Leila, and Mary and Tony, the beautiful daughters of Amos Pinchot, Gifford’s brother, and their involvements with the Kennedys in the 1950s and 1960s.

David Patterson's career includes teaching American history courses at major universities and his chief editorship of the longstanding US Department of State series, Foreign Relations of the United StatesThe Pinchots is an outgrowth of his concerns about global environmental challenges, which Gifford Pinchot early confronted, and his interest in Amos Pinchot's commitment to civil liberties and peace. He is the author of two previously well received books, Toward a Warless World: The Travail of the American Peace Movement, 1887-1914 and The Search for Negotiated Peace: Women’s Activism and Citizen Diplomacy in World War I. David received his BA from Yale University and PhD from the University of California, Berkeley. He and his wife live in Chevy Chase, Maryland.


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