Fall 2022 Lectures


Fall lectures will be held on Fridays from 1:30-2:30 PM. For any lectures that are online, we will send the Zoom link the morning of the lecture to those subscribed to the newsletter. 


Reservations are not required to receive the Zoom link and attend online lectures. We will send the Zoom link the morning of each lecture. Each Friday newsletter will also have information about the following week's lectures.


We use Zoom Webinar for all lectures that are online. Webinars provide for a more seamless experience for both speakers and participants when there is a large number of people in attendance. Zoom Webinars have the following format:

  • Attendees will see a notice that the Webinar has not yet started when clicking the link if it is before the start time. Once the Webinar is started, you will see the speaker.

  • You will only see the lecturer and person introducing him/her on the screen. You will not see yourself or other attendees.

  • Attendees microphones will be kept muted.

  • Questions will be taken at the end of the lecture for the speaker and managed through the Chat function.

Chat Function
You can find the chat function at the bottom of your Zoom screen in the middle. Above the word "Chat" is an icon of a quote bubble. If you’d like to ask a question during the lecture, click on "Chat." A white dialogue box will appear to the right. Select the option to send your question to both "Panelists and Attendees," type a question, then hit "Enter."


Coming soon...


OLLI does not endorse any of the viewpoints expressed by the speakers in its series.

We thank the Lecture Committee and all those who suggested and contacted speakers: Helen Blank, Ed Cohen, Martha Cutts, Lesley Diaz (Staff Liaison), Chuck Edson, Judy Havemann, Jeanne Kent, Lynn Lewis, Mark Nadel (Chair), Stan Newman, Diane Renfroe, Joan Simmons, and Delbert Spurlock.