Course Details

920: Sharpen Your Creative Thinking and Problem Solving Skills 1.0

July 10-12
9:45 AM - 11:15 AM

Consisting of lectures and hands-on exercises, this course will help you get in touch with your creative side and teach new problem-solving and brainstorming skills. Plus, it will be taught in an engaging, informal, interactive style. Think about taking this class plus the 2.0 for a full day of fun challenges!

Class Type: Lecture and Discussion

Class Format: In-Person

Hours of Reading: Less than 1 hour/session

Study Group Leader(s):

Ruth Lozner

Ruth Lozner holds a BFA Carnegie-Mellon University and an MFA from American University. She is Professor Emerita at the University of Maryland, teaching Creative Thinking and Innovative Problem Solving in the Honors College, Smith Business School, and Arts and Humanities College.  At UMD, she co-directed The Academy for Teaching and Learning. She is also an RSA Fellow UK, and a retired member of the National Education Committee, Cooper-Hewitt Museum.