2022 Spring Handouts: 700-800

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SGL# Title SGL
700 Florence—City of Science, Political Theory, Economics, Philosophy, and Oh, Yes, Art Lesser, G.
701 The Myth and Reality of the Wild West Vorhes, J.
703 America's Rise and... Decline: CANCELLED Nathan, J.
740 History of Slavery in America 1619–1862 Stewart, K.
750 A Passion for Justice and an Interpretation of the US Constitution Leibowitz, A.
768 From Rifled Muskets to Killer Robots Wilson, P.
770 A Brief History of Washington, DC Somers, R.
778 We Cannot Escape History: Abraham Lincoln, Abolition President Simpson, J.
782 The Transformation of China–From Traditional China to Mao King, L.
791 Obstacles to African American Wealth: CANCELLED Wolfe, P.
831 Mastering Skills of Mindfulness Meditation Drobis, J., Drobis, S.
834 Mastering Skills of Mindfulness Meditation: Intermediate Level Drobis, J.
805 Exploring Eastern Thought Weichel, C.
860 Post-Kantian Philosophy Ross, D.