Serendipity Talk: Planning for Medicare Annual Enrollment: Know Your Options

As the annual enrollment period approaches, the Medicare population gets bombarded with promotional materials from a large number of companies. These materials, as well as tv ads, can be confusing and misleading. Study Group Leader Mark Gottlieb has developed this program that sets forth the main components of Medicare and the many supplemental products available to maximize coverage, including all of the Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug plans newly approved by Medicare for 2024.

Mark Gottlieb is an independent insurance broker who previously worked for several well-known insurance companies, including New York Life and Mutual of Omaha. After spending the first part of his career in the health services field doing strategic and business planning and development, as well as regulatory compliance, Mark entered the insurance industry in 2000 specifically to assist seniors to understand and to prepare for the potentially significant costs and impact of a long term care or chronic illness. Mark is passionate about helping others to protect themselves and their loved ones relative to their financial security and piece of mind. Mark has taught the class Long-Term Care Expenses in Retirement for the past five summers at OLLI.


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