SGL Workshop – Best Practices: Learning to Teach, Teaching to Learn

OLLI at AU is pleased to announce a best practices workshop given for Study Group Leaders, led by Dr. Regina Lopata Logan. The workshop will span two mornings in February, and SGLs should plan to attend both sessions for maximum benefit.

OLLI’s special focus is on the adult learner. As Study Group Leaders, exploring new and expanding old classroom skills to supplement your knowledge is integral to your toolbox. Some SGLs are seasoned, others aren't. Regardless, learning about best practices and being exposed to fresh ideas will enhance your teaching expertise. Topics covered in the workshop will also include some of the more commonly received constructive feedback for study groups.

 This two-day workshop, designed for OLLI SGLs, will cover the following areas:

  • Class organization, including clearly stating course goals and objectives, creating a short syllabus, discussing classroom norms and guidelines, and choosing a wide variety of materials to meet various learning preferences
  • Class management skills, among them handling more loquacious participants and drawing out more reticent ones; encouraging constructive participant feedback; handling controversial subjects; active listening, and more
  • Presentation skills, from projecting your voice and techniques promoting optimal (and appropriate) sharing to the effective use of audio-visual materials and prepared notes; gauging (and adapting to) basic knowledge of participants for technical subjects

Professor Lopata Logan holds a PhD in Human Development and Social Policy from Northwestern University. Dr. Logan is an Assistant Professor of Instruction at Northwestern’s School of Education and Social Policy. Her teaching and research are in the fields of adult development and teaching and learning processes in adulthood. Currently, she is also the director of the Foley Longitudinal Study of Adulthood.

Workshop dates:

Thursday, Feb. 27 and Friday, Feb. 28


9:00 AM-12:00 PM


Spring Valley Building – 4801 Massachusetts Ave. NW

Room 3 (5th floor)

Registration deadline:

Friday, February 7 at 8:00 am

Lottery date:

Monday, February 10

The maximum capacity for the workshop is 18, in order to allow for most effective learning and interaction. Because of the limited size, registration for the workshop will be based on a lottery system. Registrations will be pending until February 10, on which date Study Group Leaders will be notified of their final registration status.