Spring 2023 Handouts 100-300

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 # Title SGL(s)
105   The March of Folly: Why Government Does Stupid Stuff
113  Shakespeare's Princes: Power and Statesmanship
137   Presidential Powers Under the Constitution and the Courts
156  AU School of International Service—Foreign Policy Challenges for the Year Ahead
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160  Public Education: Purpose, Progress, Perils, and Politics  Blank
164   White Supremacy and Colonialism: How a Christianized Race Dominance Enabled the Capitol Coup  Ingebretsen
171  Current Events and Public Policy I  Porter
172   Current Events and Public Policy II Porter
180  Today's Supreme Court: A Course for Citizens  Hansen
212  International Films on Food and Relationships
 221 American Upswing
 232  Finding Your Family History  Goodman
 240  Hearing Matters Alden
 250  TED Talks Lewis

 The Impact of the Great War on Western Culture and the Western Worldview

Week 1

Week 2

 275  *CANCELLED* Both Sides Now: Reflections for Women at Midlife Tracy
 289  Understanding Addiction  Meyer
 292  How to Live Healthier and Happier in Retirement  Bickford
 310  Do Only the Rich Have Trusts? Key Strategies Using Trusts in Your Estate Plan  Burton
 350  Protecting and Maximizing Your Retirement Income Hurwitz
360   US International Trade Crises—You Make the Call Williamson