Spring 2023 Handouts 400-600

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 # Title SGL(s)
402  Interpreting Your DNA Test  LaRoss
437 Energy and Climate Change: Can the World Act in Time?  Cheh
444 Relativity, Gravity, and the Quantum
475 The Stories Behind the Vaccines  Brunell
480 The Ups and Downs of Weather  Brown
489  Mathematics in Fiction Atkinson
505   Gustav Mahler—the Man and his Music  Flaxman
510   A Look at Lyrics
511  “And The Grammy Goes To...”  Gondelman
524 Sound Revolutions—A Brief History of Recorded Sound  Brylawski
541 The Songs We Grew Up On  Ros
570  Taking Artful Photographs  Swan 
574  Passion and Paint: Famous Artistic Couples  With 
589  American Colonial and Federal Furniture: 1650-1840  Fitzgerald
590 Looking at Architecture  Vorhes 
599  Color Theory
600  Intermediate Italian  Flaxman
601   Analyses de la Famille Ouvrière et de la Petite Bourgeoisie dans la France du XXème Siècle Spittler 
602   French Conversation Advanced Farrell 
603  Cours de Lecture et Conversation en Français Férat
604  The Important Impact of Hispanics in the United States Reilly
605  Deux Auteures, Deux Périodes Historiques, Deux Points de vue dans la France D'après Guerre Sandifer 
606  The Awful German Language–Part Zwei
607  Spanish Conversation for Advanced Beginner/Intermediate Students
613  Latin II for Developing Translators Smith 
614  Conversational Yiddish
615   Deutsch fuer Fortgeschrittene Carraher 
617  La Chanson Francophone (Bis) Harper 
621  Enjoying The New Yorker Together Spurlock 
630  The Odd Couple: Sir Walter Scott and Jane Austen
631  Understanding Families Through Plays  Lewis
639  Appreciating Children’s Picture Books as an Adult Buglass
640 Eco-Poetry: Contemporary Poets on Climate Change Hendershot
645 After the War Poole
646 Poetry Craftshop: In The Gallery of Important Things Pierson
651 A Writing Workshop: Writing Down the Bones Ward
655 Southern Writers Parlato
972  Beowulf Ruff
675 Play Writing
677 Classics of African American Literature—Part II Heginbotham
681 Favorite Plays Revisited Willens
685 Zora Neale Hurston—Book Club Maxwell 
688 Shakespeare in Performance: The Scottish Play
690 20th-Century Italian Memoirs and Novels
698 Is Fiction Stranger than Truth? Marschak