Fall 2022 Handouts: 700-800

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SGL# Title SGL
702 Europe—Past and Present Glakas & Snyder
733 The Coming of the Civil War Kamiat





740 Race in America 1876 to the Present Stewart
746 The Cause: The American Revolution and Its Discontents, 1773-1783 Connell
747 Science Perverted: Eugenics and Racial Hygiene Parascandola
764 The "Eastern Question": Then and Now Shelton
780 History of the Jews of Spain Gorsky
788 Amazing Americans Schwartz
790 Off the Beaten Path in the DC Area Buglass
805 Meditation Class Reo
806 Medical Chi Kung Reo
831 Mastering Skills of Mindfulness Meditation Drobis
834 Mastering Skills of Mindfulness Meditation: Intermediate Level Drobis
841 The Philosophy of Science: An Overview of Leading Theories Taran
860 Plato's Tragedy, Comedy, and Epic Ross
861 Classical Chinese Philosophy Ross