2022 July Shorts Handouts

If there are handouts available for a study group, they are linked below. If there are none listed and no note, then we currently have none. This page will be available for the duration of the Minis.

 # Title SGL(s)
910 The Russo-Ukrainian War: Some Preliminary Observations          Wilson
920 Super Bowl Marketing  Batra
921 The Fundamentals of Public Speaking and Debate
922 Create an Advance Directive Tanno
923  Positive Psychology Kolodney
930 Protecting Yourself Against the Costs of Healthcare in Retirement Gottlieb
931 Do Only the Rich Have Trusts? Key Strategies Using Trusts in Your Estate Plan Burton
940 Mathematics in Poetry Atkinson
941 Issues in Food Safety: Should I Worry? Hinga
942 Cutting the Cord: Streaming Alternatives to Cable TV Rezmovic
950 Geniuses of American Song: The Story Continues Sherman
955 The Influence of the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo on Broadway and Beyond Kokich
957 "Made You Look, Made You Think:" The American Practitioners of Abstraction Part II With
960 Performing Shakespeare: Analysis to Acting MacDonald
961 Discussion of Ragtime, the Novel by E.L. Doctorow From Literary and Historical Perspectives Marschak
962 Lady Chatterley's Lover: Then and Now Newmyer and Newmyer
963 For the Love of Spouses and Siblings—A Film Lewis
964 Book and a Movie Eisen
970 Washington: Then and Now in Pictures Buglass

"Remember the Ladies:" A Brief Look at the Early History of Women’s Suffrage in America


972  The Mummy: From Ancient Egypt to Modern Horror Parascandola
980   The EEO Religion: Sikhism Chima