Fall 2022 Handouts 100-300

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 # Title SGL(s)
110 Contemporary Issues in Law, Government, and Policy Rolnick (OLLI Coordinator)
112 Understanding Asia Hadden
120 Mark Twain on Our Fragile Democracy Bliss
145 Platforms vs Governments - The Emerging Clash Cohen
151 Middle East Institute Scholars Seminar Sumner (OLLI Coordinator)
160 Public Education: Purpose, Progress, Perils, and Politics Blank
171 Current Events and Public Policy I Nevins
172 Current Events and Public Policy II Nevins
180 Today's Supreme Court: A Course for Citizens Hansen
185 What Is Rural? Belden
199 How Literature and Drama Can Illuminate Politics and Government Verdier
200 Neuroscience of Conflict Hull
202 Genealogy: Hopping the Pond LaRossa
207 The Psychology of Parenting Adult Children Weissbrod
210 The Art of Communication Hecht
232  Workshop: Finding Your Family History  Goodman
237 India: Culture, Traditions, and Gandhi Srimati
244 Survivors and Descendants of the Holocaust: A Search for Meaning Feinberg
250 Ted Talks Lewis
275 Both Sides Now: Reflections for Women at Midlife Tracy
284 Rationality: What Is It? Does It Still Exist? Can It Help Us? Kolodney
289 Understanding Addiction Meyer
292  *CANCELLED* How to Live Healthier and Happier in Retirement  Bickford
 297 The Neuroscience of Spiritual and Religious Experiences  Hoelter
305 International Trade Macrory
322 Contemporary Economic Policy Issues Haveman
350 Protecting and Maximizing Your Retirement Income Hurwitz
395 Climate Polices: What Works, What Doesn’t Pigato