Spring 2023 Handouts 700-800

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 # Title SGL(s)
700 Florence—City of Science, Political Theory, Economics, Philosophy, and Oh, Yes, Art Lesser
702 The Ancient Mediterranean Glakas
721 Wartime Violations of US Civil Liberties Coe
724 Manifest Destiny and US Expansion Belden
725 Africa: Ground Zero for Climate Change? Schermerhorn
740 History of Slavery in America 1619–1862   Stewart
741 History of Slavery in America 1619–1862   Stewart
 766 Thucydides, The Peloponnesian War Palmeter
770 A Brief History of Washington, DC Somers

European History and Ideology 1900-1940
Week 1

Week 2

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Week 6 and 7

Week 8

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Week 10

786  "Remember the Ladies:” A Brief Look at the Early History of Women’s Suffrage in America Thurman 
790  Off the Beaten Path in the DC Area Buglass
805 Meditation Class Reo
806 Medical Chi Kung Reo
831 Mastering Skills of Mindfulness Meditation
834 Mastering Skills of Mindfulness Meditation Intermediate Level Drobis
838  Mommie Dearest—The Great Mother Goddesses of World Mythology Croog
860 Plato's Rhetoric, Dialectic, and Mathematics Ross 
861 Kierkegaard and Nietzsche Ross 
875 The Fifth Largest Religion in the World: Sikhism Chima
889 Contemporary Issues in Medical Ethics