2022 Fall Handouts: 400-600

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# Title SGL(s)      
403 Drinking Water from A to Z: Safety and Regulatory Misconceptions and Challenges Cotruvo
405 Air We Breathe Williams
415 Science and Public Policy Katz
440 Adults Conquering Technology IV (ACT IV) Cahn
441 Introduction to the Cloud Rezmovic
444 Relativity, Gravity, and the Quantum Read
479 Introductory Oceanography Hinga
480 The Ups and Downs of Weather Brown
492 Plate Tectonics: A Global and Historical Perspective Taran
497 Ancient DNA: The Genome Revolution in the Study of the Human Past Taran
500 More Jazz Stevens
505 Italian Masters of the Romantic Era Flaxman
510 A History of Rock 'n Roll: A Musical Odyssey Gondelman
515 Opera as Politics Eisen
530 War Songs of the 20th Century Moskowitz
550 Art & Politics: The Changing Fortunes of Milan and Lombardy Keel
560 The British 20th Century Narrative Ballet Tradition Lipkowitz
567 The Cultural Evolution of Meso-America and Its Impact on North America Heilman
579 Trailblazers in Modern Art and Abstraction Leinberger
589 American 20th-Century Furniture: What's Hot; What's Not Fitzgerald
590 Looking at Architecture Vorhes
598 Film: History, Politics, and Morality III King
600 Intermediate Italian Flaxman
601 Conversation à Travers le Cinéma Français, et Lecture D’articles Pour Présenter la Culture, les Arts, la Société Francophone Spittler
602 French Conversation Advanced Farrell
603 Cours de Lecture et Conversation en Français Ferat
604 Spanish Reading and Composition Amador
606 The Awful German Language? Cutts
607 Spanish Conversation for Advanced Beginner/Intermediate Students Schneider
613 Latin II for Developing Translators Smith
615 Deutsch fuer Fortgeschrittene Carraher
617 La Chanson Francophone Harper
621 Enjoying The New Yorker Together Spurlock
626 Poetry Craftshop: We Are Made of Circles and Rectangles Pierson, J.
630 Reading Daniel Deronda, George Eliot's Magnificent Experiment  Freeman
631 Understanding Families Through Plays Lewis
640 How to Read a Poem Hendershot
645 Contemporary Jewish Short Stories in Context Pomerantz
655 Early Twentieth-Century American Fiction Parlato
657 War and Peace, by Leo Tolstoy Frantz
671 The Ancient Greeks, Their Drama, and Their History White
675 Poems That Talk Back Pettingill
681 Powerful Essays From 2020 Willens
685 Introduction to Zora Neale Hurston Maxwell
688 *CANCELLED* Shakespeare in Performance: The Scottish Play Light
690 Two Trollopes: Anthony and Joanna: The Last Chronicle of Barset and The Rector's Wife Moody
692 Enjoying the Wit of Oscar Wilde Palmer
695 The Odd Bunch: Excursions Among the Less Eminent Victorians Plotz
 697 Star-Crossed: Tragic Tales of Love From Around the World Croog