2022 Spring Handouts: 400-600

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# Title SGL(s)      
402 Interpreting Your DNA Test Larosso, R.
422 Climate Change and Climate Science Berman, J.
426 The Human Body Shaw, M.
440 Adults Conquering Technology IV (ACT IV) Cahn, G., Friedman, L.
441 Introduction to the Cloud Rezmovic, V.
444 Algorithms - - How Machines Think Read, J.
452 Energy and Climate Change Edelstein, R., Cheh, A.
475 The Stories Behind the Vaccines Brunell, P.
480 The Ups and Downs of Weather Brown, P.
492 The Human Immune System Taran, A.
505 Masters of the Italian Baroque Flaxman, D.
510 Cover Me: Tales of Songwriters and Their Songs Gondelman, L.
542 Early Romantic Composers: Their Lives, Their Times, Their Music Bowen, J.
560 Doing Art with Collage Mosner, R.
562 Seeing More, Enjoying More at the Ballet Bush, I.
572 Medieval Manuscripts and the History of Script Ruff, C.
588 Travels with Ibn Battuta: CANCELLED Hobbs, D.
590 Looking at Architecture Vorhes, J.
600 Classical Languages Ross, D.
601 Conversation à travers le cinéma français, et lecture d’articles pour présenter la culture, les arts, la société francophone Spittler, M.
602 French Conversation Advanced Farrell, C.
603 Cours de Lecture et Conversation en Français Ferat. E.
611 Hebrew Conversation for Beginners Robbins, E.
613 Latin for Curious Beginners, Part Two Smith, D.
615 Deutsch fuer Fortgeschrittene Carraher, H.
617 The Great French Songbook Harper, L.
620 Italian Conversation and Culture Mongini, A.
621 Enjoying the New Yorker Together Spurlock, D.
626 Essays: Classics, Favorites, Earmarked Palmer, R.
630 Charles Dickens, George Eliot, and "The Root of All Evil" Freeman, L.
631 Understanding Families Through Plays Lewis, K.
633 Wallace Stevens and Company Coyle, D.
639 Appreciating Children's Books as an Adult Buglass, K.
640 Poems about Paintings Hendershot, G., Jonte, D.
645 Hard Times in Academia Poole, M.
646 How to Wash A Child's Heart Pierson, J.
651 A Writing Workshop: Writing Down the Bones Ward, E., Spector, P.
653 Plagues We Have Known Urofsky, S.
655 Early Twentieth-Century American Fiction: CANCELLED Parlato, R.
671 The Ancient Greek Art of the Dramatic Novel White, A.
675 Poems That Talk Back Pettengill, C.
677 Classics of American Art (Primarily Literature and Music) Heginbotham, E., Coleman, G.
681 What's New in the Short Story? Willen, S.
684 Shakespeare: FAQ Schwartz, H.
685 August Wilson's American Century Cycle Maxwell, R.
690 Anglo-Indian Novels: The Raj, Its Aftermath, and Diaspora Moody, E.
699 Diego Rivera and Angelina Beloff in Paris Amador, R.